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Mar 28, 2013

In this episode, more of our antics...oh and it's the rest of that Radio Read Through/Commentary that you all loved! 

Mar 26, 2013

Welcome back to another episode of Podcasting 101! This week we welcome to the show, Chicken Pop Pod. Christopher and Chris join us to talk about starting a podcast, using video equipment to record, upgrading, marketing and trying to handle more than one or even two shows at a time!

We'd love to hear from YOU about...

Mar 21, 2013

In this episode we ATTEMPT to make a commentary track over the Tricks and Treats story that is in Episode 31: The Grindhouse Funhouse Radio Play. As you will see, it takes us a while to warm up to that part. We get wrapped up in the Kai The Homeless Hitchhiker Story, as well as talk a little Old Gregg!

It takes a few...

Mar 19, 2013

In this episode we learn, among many things, doing your show inside of a crazy homeless mans tree fort at 3am could cost you your life...but it's all in the name of funny! We cover other strange antics we've done in the name of funny to make our audience both laugh...and not be bored!

Sometimes you just have to try...

Mar 16, 2013

In this episode, the A-Team (McBlizzard and I) hop on our soap boxes and fight for the little guys and gals! Look here people, if we want to drink 87oz Mountain Dew's while surfing Kickstarter for kickass projects, small or large, we should have the right! Don't come at us with your laws and your human eating...