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Aug 28, 2015

In this episode of 7 Days a Geek, we attempt to go live over mixler once again. With a chatroom loaded with listeners, and the skype lines filled with hosts, both TK1 in the diner studio and Angry Oz Geek in his Australian satellite studio, we make our bests attempts at geeking out! 

There are a few drop points do to...

Aug 21, 2015

In this episode Ginger has a most embarrassing moment at the doctors. Let's just say all was revealed, and it will all be revealed to you, the listener as well. So Code and all. This is a very "Hands On" kind of episode to say the least.


The Angry Ginger also becomes less angry and a bit thankful to a group secretly...

Aug 11, 2015

Welcome back to another episode of 7 Days a Geek! Remember when we were live on Radio Fubar? Well, we took measures into our own hands! Now, we're live on Mixlr!

We start the show off discussing TK1's return to Monkey Poo Studios and Ginger's day sweeping the sewer for a set of car keys.


During Trailer Talk we geek...

Aug 4, 2015

In this episode we talk Batman! No for real. Like we have bigger boner for Batman in this episode than the 1966 Robin did after his first ride in the Batmobile while sitting on the Dark Knights lap!


Speaking of "Man Crushes", Grant the Kilted One, continues to gush over The Rock! But...not before actually revealing...