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Sep 26, 2014

Episode 100 is coming! Friday Oct. 3rd. 9:30pm on Radio Fubar (Internet Radio) we will be live! For more information follow us on Twitter: @s7evendaysageek or email the show! We look forward to hearing from you and playing games! 


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Sep 11, 2014

Episode 99. Wow! Episode 99!

This week we discuss Everything geeky under the sun. Movies, TV, Podcasts...

First up in


Horrible Bosses 2:

Monsters:Dark Continent-


Geeking out: The Chair...

Sep 4, 2014

This week the Geeks (TK1 and AG) talk everything from Binge watching episodes of ARROW to the bag of marbles in Jeff Bridges mouth. We cover The 7th Son and Horns in our Trailer Talk segment as well as get lead away from the subject at hand once or twice.

In the end...Oz chimes in for new segment "A Minute with Angry Oz...