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Aug 11, 2023

We're back once again with a very thought provoking episode. First we celebrate our very own TK1 turning 50 years old! Then The Angry Ginger tells the story of a family who adopted a 6 year old special needs child with Dwarfisim that may not be special needs and might be an actual adult disguising herself so she can murder her new family! This is all told on the facinating documentary The Mysterious Case of Natalia Grace! (MAX)

Kyle Geeks out about the Witcher but swears it's the writing and not her "regions" that keeps her facinated with the show... so far. 

Grant brings a trailer to the show where Simon Pegg is investigating the story of a small town that has a talking goat. Voiced by Neil Giaman. 

We also go down a rabbit hole beginning with Grant sharing a story from the late 1980's where he regals the days of hanging out with some friends at the gay bars because they were actual dance clubs before dance clubs were dance clubs... one thing leads to another and suddenly the 100 million dollar question gets asked. Thats all I'm going to say! 

Wonka is coming and the question of "Did this movie need to get made" gets asked. Also, this takes us into stupid Woke territory and then we move to the second season of The Wheel of Time. Cole loves the books and likes the series, so he shares his issues of what works and what doesn't!