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Jun 16, 2023

Your favorite neighborhood Stream Team returns this week with so much to geek out about! But firstly Grant (A.K.A. The Kilted One) attempts to bring us the Good G'news with Gary G'new and we just aren't having it! 

Speaking of the News!

The Rock announces he's back baby! Back in the Fast and Furious Cinematic Universe! He's announced that he and Vin Deisel have buried the hatchet and he will be returning as Hobb's but it sounds like he will be Hobbless without his Shaw. 

Tom Cruise waves his HUGE Maverick-like clout at the people of IMAX and demands that Christopher Nolan moves his big 600 pound gorilla of a movie... and while he's at it, he can take Barbie's Pink flick with her as well. 

In Geeking Out:

Our Neighbor Cole doesn't wanna close his eyes cuz and he don't wanna miss a thing, when he returns to Micheal Bay's Armaggedon. For his own mental health, he refuses to hold back the floodgate of tears! 

House of Hammer wasn't watched by all so we decide to hold back for another week or so, so everyone can take in this depravity of a documentary that we question "How much of this is a hit piece?" Though we all agree that Armie Hammer is a real piece of Sh**! Not before Angry Ginger asks if anyone at the table would be willing to wear TEAM HAMMER t-shirts. 

Grant gives a fantastic spoiler free review for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-verse and begs us to go see it with him as soon as possible, before all the easter eggs and secrets get out on the internet. Do we agree to be seen in public with him? 

Not Producer Kyle has Crime docuseries brain with Bama Rush. Is it any good? Should we watch it? Did she reveal too much about her own collage years? Did Neighbor Cole have a sexual awakening during this? 

In Trailer Talk:

We geek out about Chris Hemsworth's flaming fistacuffs and the extreamly long takes of action we can't wait to witness once again with Extraction 2. Neighbor Cole calls his bluff on his choice of bullet proof protection, but he's still willing to put eyes on this flick when it hits Netflix. 

Shockingly, Neighbor Cole is blown away by The Flash trailer. He's not much of a superhero movie guy but he wants to see this one. Ginger and TK1 didn't need any convincing. They were sold on this film June 23rd, 1989 when Keaton's Batman first released. Not Producer Kyle is excited for some popcorn. 

Like always, this is just a touch of the things we touch apon. Speaking of touching, Al Pacino is having a kid at 83 and we have some thoughts on that as well. Justified is returning with a new limited series this month and Black Mirror is returning after a 4 year hiatus too! 

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