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Dec 31, 2014

The geeks gather this week to chat about Movie Trailers The Loft, Hot Tub Time Machine 2, and Entourage.

We "Geek Out" about the Podcast Serial and whether it can even be called a "PODCAST"? Some strong feelings are emoted in this here episode. "What is a Podcast to you exactly"? Twitter users share your thoughts with...

Dec 25, 2014

This was originally a "Patreon" 12 Days of Geekmas episode, but with it being Chesney Goss, I can't keep it from everyone.

So put the kids to bed, grab some hot chocolate and hear Chesney once again battle zombies in "The Night Before Christmas"!

It's a 7 Days a Geek Tradition!

Dec 11, 2014

Bibbles is back! With him comes the return of a quasi regular show.

Trailer Talk

Terminator Genisys and San Andreas.

Geek Talk

Iron Sky 2, Dr. Strange, Jessica Jones, The Flash, and more


Dec 1, 2014

Here it is folks...We did it it! 30 Days of Podcasting is a wrap! What's next? Well...give us a listen an you'll see!

Thanks to all of those that helped us out this month!

Nov 29, 2014

The sun hasn't even begun to rise yet...and Ginger is in the studio cooking up a show for you! Sit back, relax and get your geek on. On today's show I pull some clips from past episodes that aim to entertian. We may not always succeed...but we always give it our all!

What do we discuss you ask? Well, Liam Neeson's...