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Jun 16, 2018

3 stories and a billion tangents in this "very special" Segment 7
Cole opens the show off by recalling a time his college roommates did everything short of actually pulling him away from the "ugly girl" he was having sex with. This also leads to "Gay Roommate" sex stories.
Ginger shares Part One of his...

Nov 14, 2017

In this episode of the previously recorded LIVE broadcast of #Podtoberfest, we invite podcasters who use the Hashtag "#Podernfamily" on the show. 2 of it's participants call in. Courtney from the Quadcast Podcast and we're also visited by the Faces and Aces podcast. This podcast resides in Las as you can...

Nov 3, 2017

After the guys take an IQ test, we get to the important stuff... Like Rick and Morty, Flat Earthers and 90's Trivia! 

That's right, the morning show continues with this hour as we get down to more crazy are smart devices and sex toys out to kill you? A man that looks very much like Shaggy may have...

Nov 30, 2016

People always say that The Angry Ginger and The Kilted One argue like an old married let's see how well they know each other. 

In this episode Courtney "The Quad Father" hosts a rather skewed version of The Newly Wed Game...but for 2 podcasters who are older...and not married. Like, at all! 

Want to support...

Nov 28, 2016

Today I'm sharing a funny Patreon Exclusive episode of our Wiki Wiki Whaa? If you recall about a year ago, a fellow podcaster and friend, Henno came to town and joined us for a recording...well he also stuck around while we recorded our Wiki Wiki Whaa? episode. 

Wiki Wiki Whaa? is where Producer Palmer collects...