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Feb 20, 2022

The Stream Team geeks out about Hulu's new series, Pam and Tommy. We geek out about the show, the original video tape, the 90's and a specific boat driving 15 inch sex addicted talking pen*s. 

Before that, The Angry Ginger shares his current heart health issues, Neighbor Cole might be a soccer mom and Not Producer Kyle is a month from going solo in Yosemite, not Yellowstone! 

Back to the Binge Watch, Cole is loving all 6 seasons of The Americans. We are obsessed with 1883 and Kyle can't get enough of the guys angelic voices as she attempts to discuss the documentary, Fire in Paradise. Ginger's a preacher for Amazon Prime's Reacher and also recommends Nobody on HBOmax. 

In news, Tyler Sheridan's Yellowstone universe gets renewed and extended. Blue's Clues goes the way of Spider-man No Way Home and Batman gets spoted on the set of HBOmax's next film. 

Ryan Reynold's returns from another time to help a much younger version of himself save his father The Hulk, in Netflix's The Adam Project. 

Meanwhile, Netflix has us all questioning how a Mean Vegan can be both swindled into doing anything to gain the power of immortality for herself and her dog, while also being the one who swindles!