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Aug 15, 2013

In this episode, Oz and a fellow friend of ours, Latanya joins me for a discussion on just about everything. The show starts off a bit random. This was an impromptu podcast episode. It was late, we were up and we figured we'd record our Skype conversation. You the listener can decide if this worked or not and contact us to let us know! Really...we'd love to hear from you!

A few things: Latanya is a blogger, and a geek. She some times helps co-host a blog called "Black Girl Nerds" I'm telling you this now (if you actually read this) because we don't get into who the heck she is until much later in the show. I guess all you need to know is she's a fellow geek...apperently a fellow geek with a "Newsletter" that neither Oz or myself can be on! Which is fine, well...for one of us anyway.

We talk "Man of Steel" and how sexual this movie can be to certian genders and how this feeling can be dealt with. Wolverine and his merry band of X-men are brought up, a quick review from OZ. You shoudn't be shocked. lWe also talk a good deal about movie Remakes and what films had a lasting impression on us as children.

Hey! Heads up! We're making a movie! A movie about Podcasting! All the details are inside this episode but if your feeling fancy and want to play on the internet, well here's a link for you! Use it wisely, spread it around to all your geek friends. I recommend posting it on all your social networking spread the word please!

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