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Dec 21, 2012

This week, the Geeks get together in their ugliest Christmas sweaters and talk a few funny stories about Christmas..including their favorite movies. Angry Ginger shares a deadly "Crazy House" Story...and speaking of stories... awhile back we recorded a Radio Play for you kind listeners of #7DAG. This week you get a tease...Next week(ish) You get the whole!

Tell your friends about this podcast! We've got a contest going with Libbie from @2FunnyGirls and her podcast! We're trying to see who can break the iTunes top 50 first! Help us out, subscribe and rate us and tell your friends to do the same! This is what iTunes uses in order to see what show is popular and what show isn't!

Thanks for the fun year so far everyone, wait till you see what I have planned for next!