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Feb 3, 2015

In this episode we start on Robots. Jer wants one...BAD! But he's very pickey on what type. We discuss a few Robot movies and then get into a very long Trailer Talk.

We talk Get Hard with Will Farrell and Kevin Hart, then move into Fantastic Four. This is where we get into one of our "7 Days a Geek" arguments you the audience appreciates soooo much!

What are you Geeking Out about? We Geek Out about Grant (TK1's) new endevour, and discuss a certian Ginger's likelihood of actually ever showing up.

If you haven't guessed it by now, TK1 is starting his own podcast! Also, 7 Days a Geek is starting another Podcast! A little tease at the end. More will be discussed on all things Monkey Poo Studios in the next episode! (Tease)

Also, we geek out and give a little bit of homework. If you've yet to discover a facinating series on HULU called "The Booth At the End" give it a go. We can not recommend it enough!

-Angry Ginger