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Apr 30, 2021

This week we Geek out about Shadow, Bone and Ted Lasso and the final episodes of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and This is a Robbery. We have mixed feelings over Mortal Kombat and Quad only has time for the UFC.

We list our headlines for this weeks Exclusive Catching Up With The Geeks and then move on to the Weekly Watch Party where a winner of the month of B-Movies is picked. Cole gives his pick for Rudderless (available on Amazon Video) for the first flick of May and then Quadfather gets lost.

The Angry Ginger and Neighbor Cole wrap up the episode with a big read from the Mail Sac and then finish with our Upcoming segment... News and Trailer talk.

Is Amazon going to go broke funding their new Lord of the Rings series? Should HBOmax be embarrased by their Q1 subscriber count? Also, Netflix announces that Zach Snyder's Zombie tiger in Army of the Dead is based off of a tiger that Carol Baskin's owns. Should we believe this? Borat returns with everything from the cutting room floor and speaking of returning, it looks as if The Black Widow will finally be showing her face in theaters this summer!