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Jun 22, 2023

The Stream Team returns this week to not only geek out about all things streaming BUT this episode also works as a bit of a Pilot Episode to a new and upcoming podcast coming from Monkey Poo Studios!!! 

Neighbor Cole brings Lady Villa to the show for the first time, since the last time, to share in all the geeky debachery! And there's a bunch of that this week! 

In the News:

Cole questions what it is that an Intamacy Coordinator does, while an actual one gets offended at The Idol using thier profession as a joke in the first episode of MAX's (hit?) show. 

JLo's MOTHER is now the 6th most watched English language film on Netflix. 

Marvel and Sony announce more movie dates. Evil Dead Rises is coming to Max and Netflix brings onomatopoeia to thier Tudum summer special! 

Geeking Out:

Ginger watches The Idol, and is more shocked at how the world is shocked by it's premise and promiscuous nature. 

Not Producer Kyle can't wait for The Witcher season 3 so she's preparing to go Nuclear on a new docuseries till it's release next month. 

Neighbor Cole and Lady Villa discuss him going full R word at Menards. He was a good boy so he got Taco's. 

We all break down House of Hammer without Grant The Kilted One, which is probably best because the rest of the episode gets so naughty that it needs more than one safe word to get to completion!