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Jun 9, 2023

Your favorite Stream Team returns once agian to talk television and film once again. Grant immediatly questions whether we are alcoholics, and we've not even begun to drink! He also questions whether we are passive or active viewers and whether or not we should be. Cole doesn't care, about this or the fact that The Machine wants to be comedy's savior. Ginger brings bupkis, but it holds no audience to this high brow team of mathletes and Dr. Producer Kyle talks terrorism and documentaries. 

A shocking revelation is revealed about the Summer Movie Fantasy League. Grant may indeed get what he wants. This leaves two movies left vacant on the board so the Angry Ginger is challanged to a game of Paper, Rock, Scissors for the haunted film that may help give a win. 

In the news:

Oppenhiemer is this summer's 600lbs... film reel. 

Barbie uses so much PINK that it creates an international shortage 


HBOmax loses it's first name causing PEACOCK to make an urgent announcment about it's own name. 

Geeking Out: 

Ginger irritates Neighbor Cole with his Hyeana laugh while watching SmartLess: On the Road, and recommends Bupkis on Peacock to tumbleweeds and long faces. 

Grant The Kilted One recommends Jury Duty once again, as well as Netflix's FUBAR. 

Not Producer Kyle has not one but two crime documentaries to recommend and Neighbor Cole is really just along for the ride. 

Summer Movie Fantasy League

Points are on the board with Week 1 and Week 2. Both Fast X and The Little Mermaid have points on the board for the players. Speaking of points... arguments begin as the opponites begin to challange the score board. 

Trailer Talk

The Idol- Neighbor Cole questions how much of Johnny Depp is actually in his daughter. TK1 would rather watch paint dry and Ginger gets the okay to watch it alone. 

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts- Three of us are at least on board to see this theatrically, two so they can add to the Box Office and score points, one because he's a Unicron enthusisist and Kyle could care less about us boys and our toys. 

Hidden Strike- This hiddend gem that's been sitting on the shelf, complete, since 2018 stars Jackie Chan and John Cena. Imagine Fast and The Furious meets Mad Max: Fury Road but with a budget of a High School play. None of us are paying to see it... but we had fun hate watching the trailer. 

TMNT: Mutant Mayhem- This movie doesn't come out till August. We're not sure what to call this type of animation, but we are all in for this Seth Rogan treatment!