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Apr 28, 2016

In this episode, TK1 and the Angry Ginger go live for more than 2 hours to geek out over everything from House Buying to the secrets of Star Wars Episode 8, as well as a bit of personal sexual education. How long is too long? This question as well as so many more unimportant, never need to be asked questions asked!

In "Trailer Talk", we discuss a very less and much more dead Harry Potter in Swiss Army Man. Mel Gibson brings his movie star status back to Blood Father, and Jeff Goldblum once again can't save the monuments from complete and utter destruction from another alien attack in ID4:2.

In "Geeking Out", Ginger is excited about the endless possibilities of a few of his upcoming projects, and TK1 spills the beans (complete with spoilers) about The Blacklist, and then gives no spoilers about Hush, a new flick on Netflix!

Agent Palmer is having his 6 month review next episode. If you'd like to jump in with your words of encouragement or bring him down to a new lower level, please email or DM the show with your thoughts!


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