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Jul 27, 2023

Taking a pause in the "Summer Series" but we'll be back next week with more of that, in the meantime, here is the second half to an episode that began on Deconstructing Dad this week called "Binge Eating and Post Urination Drip with Neighbor Cole" In that episode we discuss among many things, Cole's relationship with food and his fast food order that shouldn't be laughed at... but it's us... so it is! 

Go listen to Part One over at Deconstructing Dad firstly. 

In this episode, after a few more drinks, we talk about the slow and quiet death of 7 Days a Geek when he decided to quit the show. Ginger takes blame, Cole just wants to know he was missed. A brief conversation about his time on FACPA and Matt being the Meme God is discussed before we spend the bulk of this episode going down the Weekly Watch Party memory lane. Thank God there's still a spreadsheet cuz we're 17 sheets past 2 sheets in the wind. Quadfather is missed but we wouldn't have changed anything with that reboot.

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