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Mar 17, 2022

In this weeks episode your Stream Team forgo's a healthy nights rest for some Weekly Watching Streaming Channel Shenanigans!

Ginger catches everyone up on Hulu's guilty pleasure show, Pam and Tommy and also recommends you go in cold and blind, but not hungry for a film that can only be described as Hannible Lecture's Modern Day Love Story! It's called FRESH and you can find it on Hulu. 

Cole and Kyle watched another true crime doc on Netflix called Worst Roommate Ever and it sounds like the doc lives up to the title! 

Jake Johnson who played Nick in New Girl is back with a HBOmax series where he plays a magazine publisher in the 1970's porn world. Judd Aptow makes a bad movie during the pandemic about a bad movie being made during the pandemic and it has all the right ingredients!