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Jul 31, 2014

In this episode we take a moment to share a chilling tale of a local Craigslist Killer that kills a little to close to home! Not our home mind you...but we do know someone involved...kinda.

In trailer talk, Ginger wants to talk Star Wars, so TK1 rolls his eyes. To which Ginger threatens to take his "Geek Card" from him. After that...several arguments that you've grown to love ensue.

In Geek Talk, I bring up more Star Wars, We talk the chance of an Iron Man 4 and more.

In Tech Talk, a new pepperspray gun that takes a photo of the villian and uploads it to the police. An inventor creates a Fart Machine and threatens to aim it at France...but who cares because he also invented Magnetic Shoes to walk on the ceiling with...if you can make it to the ceiling that is.

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I said Joaquin Phoenix... not Walk-ing Phoenix!

See the Face in his forehead here!