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Oct 10, 2013

Stop me if you've heard this one... A drunken Ginger walks into a bar after a day spent at a comic-con and sees TV star Norman Reedus (Boondock Saints, The Walking Dead) and greets him in an unusual way.

Live from Comic Con, or rather live from the hotel room after comic con, comes the drunken exploits of Jay and Jer, otherwise known as The Angry Ginger and McBlizzard.

We recall events from our doomed road trip, walking the con floor, bar night and a few comic con panels in between. Before we play the 40 or so minutes recorded from our hotel room that night, we open the show with some movie trailer talk! We talk Godzilla, Jack Ryan and I, Frankinstien.

We also get semi-serious for a second and discuss the duration of this podcast. While I'm hoping to continue the show's long after you all find something much more wothr your an explosive ending...or even worse...a hiatus like a certian past podcast I was apart of. Either way we've promised to give you everything we can until we no longer can... or until Ginger gets his inheritance!

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