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Feb 17, 2013

*This episode has a few sound issues I recommend not making this your 1st listen* *though it is funny*

What up GEEKS! Angry Ginger here. Well, it took 35 episodes to finally get Shelley...or as we at Monkey Poo Studios lovingly refer to her as, The Angry Midget, on the show! Finally. You've heard her once or twice in small doses. She actually appeared in a whole episode with McBlizzard and I and she doesn't recall even being who knows what she'll remember about this one!

I had a good time with this crazy broad. She's a bit ADD and unwilling to chat at times so stick with it...especially through the first 20 minutes because she actually gets into the show a bit after her nerves go away!

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Geek Out!

-Angry Ginger

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