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Jul 22, 2021

In this episode we say bon voyage to Not Producer Kyle... but then she contemplates a hostile take over of the 3rd mic. Quad admits he hopes she sticks around but Ginger admits that his Conversion Therapy hasn't worked in the past so he makes no promises. Meanwhile, Neighbor Cole takes us on a flashback to the Brevis Family Farm and recalls a lesson in electrical safety while roofing with his father as an 8 year old.

We Geek Out about To Catch and Kill-The Podcast Tapes on HBOmax, The Fear Street Trilogy on Netflix, and Dr. Death on Peacock, and Alone on Hulu. Among many other shows and movies.

In the news: Batgirl gets cast, The Lord of The Rings promises Nudity and in Trailer Talk a young Tony Soprano returns and Netflix brings us a very compelling doc about the very silly but apparently serious world of Conversion Therapy!