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Nov 9, 2014

For those that don't know, I'm the host of another Podcast. What's that podcast called you say with such glee in  your voice? "Podcasting 101" I say back to you in an unmeasured amount of orgasmic cheer!


Podcasting 101 is a podcast where we sit down with other podcasters to talk about all things podcasting. Never boaring. It's a great show for you, the listener, to get equal amounts of ideas of how a show is ran...and what that podcast being interviewed might sound like. You know, incase you'd like to add another podcast to your growing playlist!

These clips from the "High Tea Cast", "Tiny Odd Conversations" and "Pull The Plug" Podcasting 101 interviews, fit right home with 7 Days a Geek. TK1, Bibbles and I have a lot of fun with these interviews and I think this will give you a taste of yet more podcasts that are out there for you to enjoy! #PodLove