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Nov 2, 2016

Good Morning World, this is Hour 1 of the Podtoberfest show from October. It's our version of a "Morning Show". Get introduced to a good portion of Shumway Industries who sits down with us to make this geeky 24 hour podcast marathon. 

Also hear funny discussions on this:

In Geek News:

20th Century Fox sues executive 1.2 Million for leaking The Revenant.

Amazon picks up LORE podcast as a television series from the producers of The Walking Dead

Netflix filming a more "Hobo" on the run type Punisher Series? 

Stranger Things Father looks for Finders Fee?

90's Superstar Wrestler, Ric Flair beds Halle Barry? Waoooooooh!

Denzel Washington strangles Aretha Franklin 


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